Recommend Peptide Purity

Rienden is a high-tech company which provides peptide products and custom peptide synthesis services. Rienden provides different purity grade peptide range from crude to 98%. We can also provide 99% purity grade peptide according to customers’ requirement. If your experiment has a requirement for single impurity, we can also meet your needs. You can contact us to learn more information about custom peptide synthesis service and peptide products.

Typical recommend peptide purity is as follows, let’s have a brief view.

  1. Peptide purity >85%: immunological applications, polyclonal antibody production and non-sensitive screening.
  2. Peptide purity >90%: Structure-Activity Relationship and Bioassays.
  3. Peptide purity >95%: ELISA, enzymology, and biological related activities.
  4. Peptide purity >98%: Structural studies/Crystallography, NMR and sensitive bioassays.