How do I request a quote?

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What quality control (QC) information do you provide?

What is the typical turn-around time for peptide synthesis?

What peptide purity should I use for my application?

What is the difference between peptide purity and net peptide content?

How do I choose the peptide purity for my research?

How are peptides made at Rienden?

What other substances (non-peptide impurities) are present in a synthetic peptide?

How should I handle lyophilized peptides?

How do I solubilize my peptide?

How do I estimate the net charge of my peptide?

If my peptide has a purity of 90%, what are the other 10%?

How do I design my peptide?

What are the characteristics of carrier protein KLH vs. BSA?

What is the length of the peptides Rienden can synthesize?

Do I need Amino Acid Sequencing?

What is PEGylation and how do I use it?