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Custom Peptide Synthesis

RIENDEN provides high quality custom peptide synthesis services for life scientists and researchers worldwide. With over 7 years of peptide synthesis and research experience, we have developed highly specific expertise to synthesize with various types of modified and difficult peptidesLEARN MORE. Through the improvement of traditional peptide synthesis and microwave peptide synthesis method, we can provide custom peptides with high throughput. Peptide library and peptide assay service are also parts of our peptide service. For more information about custom peptide synthesis service, please contact with us(

  Our Service

We are committed to providing you with the highest quality products and services at the same value. Our goal is that all the clients can benefit from our products and services with full satisfaction.


    • Quantity from mg to kg
    • Synthesis up to 125 amino acid residue
    • Purity up to 99%
    • Click peptide synthesis
    • Stapled peptide
    • Peptide Assay Service
    • Peptide Aliquoting Service:(Free for the first 10 vials)
    • Hydrophobic peptide synthesis
    • Multiple Disulfide Bonds peptide
    • Isotope Labeling peptide
    • FRET Peptides
    • Multiple phosphorylation modifications
    • Stapled peptide
    • MAPs Peptide
    • Protein Conjugation(KLH, BSA, OVA)
    • Fase delivery time

See our peptide modification list.

  Quality Guaranteed

  • Independent quality department
  • MS, HPLC, Certificate of Analysis Report for every lot of peptide
  • All reports performed after the production steps
  • All peptide delivery after QC & QA release
  • Technical Support

Quotations and Ordering

For custom peptide quotations, please contact us by email(, phone (+86 0371 60906819), you may also use below form to contact us immediately. 

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