custom-peptide-promote 50%OFFAbout us

Rienden Biotechnology Co., a high-tech company which provide peptide products and custom peptide synthesis services. With a strong technical strength in the field of peptides, we provide custom peptide synthesis service, large scale peptide synthesis service, cosmetic peptide products, peptide process development service and peptide assay services. We have various kind of catalog peptides, cosmetic peptides and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients and have rich experience in peptide synthesis and peptide process development. By the improvement of traditional peptide synthesis and using microwave peptide synthesis method, we can provide custom peptides with high throughput.

Quality is first. Rienden Bio has a strict quality control standard. Our quality control is in the every step of peptide production process. Our goal is that all the clients can benefit from our products and services with full satisfaction.

Main business:

Custom Peptide Synthesis
Rienden Bio provides custom peptide synthesis service with range amount,purity and peptide modification.
Large Scale Peptide
Rienden Bio provides large scale peptide synthesis service and large scale peptide products.
Cosmetic Peptide and Catalog Peptide
Rienden Bio provides cosmetic peptide products and catalog peptide.
Peptide Process Development
Rienden Bio provide peptide process development which include peptide synthesis and peptide purification process development.